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Bosch pioneered the development of a pressure-generating fuel pump in the 1920's, and development has continued until the modern era of high-flow turbine fuel pumps and high-pressure injection pumps. Recent innovations such as premium carbon brushes, anodized aluminium internals and asymmetric turbine impellers deliver high flow, reliability, low noise and effectively zero cavitation. The fuel pump is a critical component to the health and performance of your engine, so trust Bosch Motorsport’s uncompromising commitment to quality.


Bosch Motorsport's fuel pumps feature high precision internals engineered to deliver unmatched reliability and performance. Motor speeds within the pump can be as high as 10,000 RPM and the clearances within the pumping elements down to microns, thus great care is taken to individually balance the rotating assembly in every pump. Further, each fuel pump is tested post-production to ensure the superlative quality for which Bosch pumps are known.


Bosch Motorsport's highest flow in-tank pump designed specifically for high-boost, ethanol fuel applications.

  • Up to 460 l/h @ 40Psi (2.75bar)
  • Up to 380 l/h @ 80Psi (5.5bar)
  • An amazing 270l/h @ 145Psi (10.0bar)
  • High flow all the way up to the 190Psi (13.0bar) Pressure Relief Valve setting
  • Light weight (550g) and Compact 46mm body size

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High Flow In-Tank Pumps

The little brother to the BR540 was designed to meet the demands of performance vehicles with moderately elevated power levels due to turbocharging or other tuning. The 38mm diameter body is a direct fit for many Japanese, European and Australian performance cars from the 90's and 2000's.

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High Flow In-Line Pumps

The renowned 'Bosch 044', famous for its unflinching ability to deliver large quantities of fuel at high pressures, has been replaced with an upgraded model which achieves even greater high-pressure flow at a lighter weight than the 044, the FP 200-E. It is an inline roller cell pump compatible with gasoline and diesel fuel, and ethanol with reduced lifespan. This pump is available with a range of fittings to suit varied fuel line connections, non-return valves and filters.

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55 Years of Bosch Electric Fuel Pumps


The extremely fine tolerances and consistent precision required to manufacture reliable, high performance fuel pumps is one of Bosch Motorsport's core competencies. Recently the prevalence of counterfeit pumps has grown and from external appearance alone, it can be difficult to tell these inferior imitations from the genuine item. Avoid counterfeit products and ensure the quality of your components by purchasing direct from Bosch Motorsport, or from one of our Authorised Dealers and Retailers.

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