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After establishing the technology in road cars, Bosch Motronic brought electronic fuel injection to Formula One in 1982 and the soon thereafter powered the 1983 world champion to victory. We haven't stopped perfecting the art since. Benefit from Bosch Motorsport's unrivalled fuel injection expertise when you select EV14 injectors for your road or race project.



Bosch Motorsport's fuel injectors feature high precision internals engineered and validated for ethanol fuel up to E100. As the high ethanol content of E85 is corrosive to many materials found in fuel systems, selecting an E85-validated injector from Bosch Motorsport ensures a reliable and high-performing injector for extended lifespans in extreme conditions.


Optimised spray-pattern and atomisation

In an EV14 injector, several ultra-precisely drilled orifices in the spray plate ensure exact alignment and finest atomisation of the fuel. By ensuring a homogenous mixture of air and microscopic fuel droplets, your engine can achieve more complete combustion - improving torque, drivability and reducing emissions. OEM development determines the shape of the fuel spray individually for each engine by the position of the injector and the configuration and number of orifices, similarly tuners can select a spray type and angle aligned to port geometry for optimal performance.



Bosch Motorsport has a comprehensive range of fuel injectors to suit almost any application. EV14 injectors are available in three body lengths (Compact, Standard and Long), two tip lengths (standard and extended) and three connector types (Sumitomo, Jetronic and USCAR), making it simple to find an injector that fits your existing or upgraded fuel system. All EV14 injectors are designed to suit 14mm o-rings, with adaptors available from our partners for fitment into various port sizes.

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Bosch Motorsport's performance injectors are available in a wide range of flow volumes to suit almost any requirement. The tunability and drivability of naturally aspirated engines can benefit from selection of a 'smaller' injector matched to the expected power output, while high-boost, flex fuel setups may demand the capacity of one of our popular high flow injectors.


Direct Injection

Since launching Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) in 1951, Bosch has strengthened its position as a pioneering force in fuel systems technology by providing the most economic combustion for the gasoline engine to date. More recently, Bosch developed a Short Pulse Laser drilling technology that enables the production of fuel injector tips with as many as 7 different tailored spray patterns per injector, which unlocks further combustion efficiency and thus power.

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Individual injector tolerances <2.5%


The extremely fine tolerances and consistent precision required to manufacture reliable, high performance fuel injectors is one of Bosch Motorsport's core competencies. Recently the prevalence of counterfeit injectors has grown and from external appearance alone, it can be difficult to tell these inferior imitations from the genuine item. Avoid counterfeit products and ensure the quality of your components by purchasing direct from Bosch Motorsport, or from one of our Authorised Dealers and Retailers.

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