Power Box

The Limits Are Up To You.

Truly Intelligent Power Distribution

The PowerBox is an intelligent control and distribution unit for the electricity grid in a modern racing car, which is seamlessly integrated into the Bosch Motorsport system architecture. It can replace all conventional relays, fuses and circuit breakers, simplifies wiring harnesses and provides diagnostic capabilities. Instead of using a conventional control program, Bosch PowerBox PBX 90 and PBX 190 benefit from a 667 MHz dual Core Processor and a multitasking operating system, allowing simultaneous executions of operations. It is a true 'one box' solution for power distribution.


Sometimes, More Really is More

For projects requiring reliable high current power supply, Bosch Motorsport Power Box provides market-leading continuous and peak current output across a large number of channels. The included PBX suite software is a comprehensive and powerful tool with drag-and-drop programming and different analysis and simulation capabilities, making even the most complex configuration easy. Further, ethernet connectivity allows time-sync IO sharing across multiple devices (e.g. ECU and display). For extreme requirements, two power boxes can be used in one system.


PBX 90

  • 120 A continuous current (180 A peak)
  • 36 outputs, 80 A high side switches
  • 4 x 40A Channels
  • 4 x 25A Channels
  • 22 x 15A Channels
  • 18 x Analog/Digital Inputs
  • Full variable speed PWM
  • Ethernet, CAN and LIN communication

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PBX 190

For extreme project requirements.

  • 250 A continuous current (310 A peak)
  • 52 outputs, 48 V high side switches
  • 4 x 40A Channels
  • 10 x 25A Channels
  • 26 x 15A Channels
  • 28 x Analog/Digital Inputs
  • Full variable speed PWM
  • Ethernet, CAN and LIN communication
  • Precision current measurement

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Included software for design, configuration and data analysis


Native ethernet connection with timesync to other Bosch Motorsport devices such as MS6 ECU and DDU display allows a large amount of synchronous data to be sent to and from devices for control strategies, logging or display. This means seperate devices can effectively function as a single powerful computer. Of course, there is also freely configurable CAN if required to connect to 3rd party devices.

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