About Us


Bosch has been involved in Motorsport since 1901.

The Bosch Motorsport division develops and manufactures electronics and components suited to all levels of motorsport from weekend racer to Formula 1.
We deliver products to complete racing series' as well as individual users and offer our customers the most comprehensive product portfolio for a variety of applications.
Bosch Motorsport is a regular partner of choice for top level motorsport teams due to our innovation and ability to deliver products of the highest quality and performance suitable for the harsh environment that is "motorsport".
All our customers benefit from Bosch's state of the art automotive development knowledge, systems expertise and integration know-how as one of the world’s leading automotive and motorsport suppliers.

Now directly servicing Australia, New Zealand and South Africa our Melbourne based team is ready and waiting to support your motorsport needs so please contact us with any enquiries.  NOTE:  We only service the above regions - for all other countries please contact your local Bosch Motorsport office or dealer here:  https://www.bosch-motorsport.com/contact/authorized-dealers/

We sell direct to the public as well as trade so please enquire about trade pricing.


Corporate Information for Bosch Motorsport Australia:


ACN: 004 315 628

ABN: 48 004 315 628

Registration Date: 28/01/1954

Registered Address: C/o RBAU/FC 1555 Centre Road, Clayton, VIC 3168

Directors: Gavin Smith (chairman), Nicole Sharman

Secretary: Nicole Sharman

ASIC online profile (company statement 28 January)