MSD_ABS_Kits (Typically ships in <20 bus. days)

This product may require some customisation to suit your application. Therefore, please contact us to discuss these details or to obtain pricing.

Technical Details


IMPROVE lap times, SAVE tyres and STAY on the track! Learn about how it works in our blog post Motorsport ABS ? inhuman braking performance for racing drivers.

Bosch Motorsport M5 ABS units are available in a Clubsport and fully-featured Standard kit via Authorised Bosch Motorsport dealers. Each installation is different, so we recommend a consultation with our expert dealers to understand which kit is best for you, and any supporting modifications that may be required.

Bosch Motorsport Authorized Dealers in Australia:


  • Clubsport kits are pre-made and suitable for stand alone or integrated installation into almost any racecar.
  • Standard kits are like the Clubsport but allows for the wiring harness to be customised and built to your specific needs.
  • Porsche kits are designed specifically for the 997 and 991 cup cars.

    Further technical detail on M5 ABS can be found here.


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