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In addition to the features of the Clubsport kit, the Standard kit includes a custom wiring loom manufactured for your specific vehicle requirements by Bosch Motorsport, and advanced braking support features:

  • Downforce-dependent wheel slip regulation
  • Lateral acceleration slip regulation
  • Cornering inside wheel slip regulation




The ABS M5 Kit Clubsport is developed for the operation in front-, rear- or 4-wheel drive vehicles. A generic 'one-size-fits-all' wiring harness is included in the kit. This enables us to provide the kit with a significantly reduced price in comparison to the standard ABS M5 Kit with individual loom.


The ABS M5 Kit Clubsport is specifically adapted for motorsport use. Individual car parameters like vehicle weight, vehicle track, wheel weights, wheel circumferences, wheel base or number of increments can be calibrated with software free of charge.


Without Motorsport ABS, a driver must modulate their brake force to the tyre with the least grip. Bosch Motorsport ABS uses high speed sensors for wheel speed, acceleration/yaw (6-axes) and hydraulic pressure to intelligently target the optimal slip angle for each individual tyre, maximising deceleration while maintaining steerability. The Bosch Motorsport ABS system is specifically calibrated for each individual customer vehicle, taking into account factors including vehicle mass, wheelbase, track width, tire rolling circumference, etc. This calibration ensures that the system maximises the braking potential of your setup. ...

Tyre lockups can cause a loss of control and potentially result in an accident, not to mention turning expensive rubber into a 50c piece. Bosch Motorsport ABS eliminates lockups, meaning that drivers can push their cars to the limit without worrying about losing control during braking. With Motorsport ABS, you can focus on driving your best qualifying lap and race.