Bosch Motorsport MS6 Series ECU

Engine Control Units for Professional Motorsports

This product may require some customisation to suit your application. Therefore, please contact us to discuss these details or to obtain pricing.

Technical Details


- PFI, Direct Injection, Diesel versions available
- Used in all forms of Motorsport from entry level to LMP1
- MS6 EVO range includes MS6.1 EVO, MS6.2 EVO, MS6.3 EVO and MS6.4 EVO
- Bosch Motorsport's latest MS6 EVO range of engine control units is the choice of professional motorsport teams and low production road car manufacturers. Able to control up to 12 cylinders at 12,500RPM, the Dual Core 667MHz CPU ensures accurate, uninterrupted processing and data logging even under the most demanding race situations.
- The MS6 EVO range includes control of dual electronic throttles, VVT, turbo, traction and launch (optional on MS6.1 EVO).

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