731cc/min EV14 Injector

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Technical Details


 Volume  731cc/min = 500g/min = 66lb/hr @ 3bar
 Spray pattern  Single Cone
 Body Length  Compact
 Nozzle  Regular Tip
 Resistance  12 ohm
 Connector  USCAR
 E85 Compatible  Yes

- Bosch Motronic brought electronic fuel injection to Formula One in 1982 and the technology established itself quickly, powering the 1983 world champion to victory.

- Today, Bosch fuel injection technology sets the standard in professional motorsport around the world. All Bosch Motorsport injectors are manufactured to the exacting standards of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): individual injector flow tolerances are less than +/- 1.5% compared to 'aftermarket' injectors approx. +/-5%

- EV 14 injection valves are the latest revision of the EV 6 injection valve technology.

- Bosch EV14 high precision injector internals are validated for use with E85 fuel.

- Bosch Motorsport has a comprehensive range of fuel injectors to suit almost any application. Size your injectors correctly for your goals to optimize drivability, efficiency and power.

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